Le Canal Fait des Vagues

Le Canal Fait des Vagues

'A DIY Floating Whatsit'

OFNI = les Objets Flottants Non-Identifiés or in English UFO = Unidentified Floating Object.


In other words, a homemade floating something or other, the aim being for it not to resemble a normal boat.


Comprised largely of second hand materials, the OFNI sports many useless decorations, (the lady who suggested 'lots of men' was probably joking). However, it doesn't just have to float, the budding engineers must create something that moves. The rule is simple, make a floating engine that can complete a 300m course, round a buoy and back, with all team members on board.


The most amusing and best decorated OFNI will win the trophy, and hopefully applause for the team. We hope that everyone will have a great time.


Fancy joining in? Contact us by leaving a message at the boulangerie in St Congard, by phoning 0297 43 50 36 or by email: lecanalfaitdesvagues@gmail.com


Our aim is that this 'regatta' should be fun for everyone. Let loose your imagination to decorate your floating dream. You can enter as a group of friends, from a particular area, or whatever, talk to us to find out more. There is no particular theme to follow, just have a good time.


To participate you must provide:-

1. A completed and signed entry form.

2. An attestation of civil responsibility.

3. A copy of the rules, signed by all the participants


Entry Form : download the entry form here bulletin d'inscription


Rules of Competition

1. The Team.

All team members must be able to swim, and be at lest 14 years old. For minors, parental consent is required.

For young people between 14 and 18 years, an adult must be part of the team to take responsibility for them.

All participants must provide an attestation of civil responsibility.

There is no restriction on numbers in the team.

A lifejacket must be worn by all team members.

Costumes or fancy dress are allowed, encouraged in fact!




All materials are allowed, apart from manufactured items directly related to sailing, such as hulls, buoys and paddles

The OFNI must be able to be carried on land to ensure that it can be put in and out of the water only by the efforts of the participants.

The OFNI must be placed in front of the slipway at least an hour before the start time, to allow the start to be made when the conditions are most suitable.

The OFNI must carry a towing rope, one end attached to the OFNI and the other to a float, to enable it to be recovered in the case of shipwreck.

Motors are not allowed. The OFNI must be able to be steered and propelled only by the effort and ingenuity of the team.

The OFNI must be retrieved by the team at the end of the event.


The Course

The start of the course will be in the water underneath the St Congard bridge. You must go around two buoys in the correct direction.before returning to the bridge for the finish.

The finish is timed only when the OFNI passes the line formed by two buoys.

The OFNI must carry the same number of team members at the finish, as at the start.

The team members must not voluntarily contact another OFNI.

Blocking the course with your OFNI is not allowed.

The teams can, however, hamper other teams by using water weapons, such as water filled balloons or water cannons.


Team members participate entirely at their own risk.

The organising authority accepts no responsibility in case of material damage, injuries or death connected to the event, including before or after the event.

Conforming to the law, participants are subject to Article 4 of the Arreté of 3rd May 1995.

Article 4 – The team leader is captain of his boat in the sense of maritime law, he has entire responsibility for it and for his team. He must be satisfied that the boat and all equipment is in good order, that the team has the knowledge and aptitude necessary to manoeuvre and

operate the boat.

It is his responsibility not to set out if circumstances are or would be likely to endanger his boat or crew.


Other information

The event will be on the Sunday afternoon, the OFNIs will be made welcome from Sunday morning.

Entry is free, and must be registered after June 1st.

The number of members in the team can only change between the close of entries and the start of the event by prior contact with the organising committee or by email to lecanalfaitdesvagues@orange.fr. Email notifications can be made up to the day before the event.

The organisers reserve the right to refuse access to the OFNIs where the participants have not completed all guarantees of security. The jury has the responsibility for running the event and can at any time disqualify any team for infringing the rules.

Any disputes not covered by the rules will be decided at the time by the jury.


The Jury

The jury is composed of five people unrelated to the commune or the competitors and will have a president. Marks will be given according to 3 criteria.

Originality (decoration, costumes etc.)

Materials used (especially recycling)

Good humour up to 20 points

Points will be awarded on the result of the race as follows:-

1st – 8 points

2nd – 6

3rd – 4

4th – 3

5th – 2



The winning team will receive a trophy, to be returned each year. For others, awards will be allocated depending on their position.


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